Order Your own MMY Game

We are putting the game for sale on Amazon for everyone to play. For each MMY purchased we will make an original autism-friendly MMY game to send to Autistry, Foothill college, and Abilities United to use in their game nights and class meet-and-greet events. Once the game is yet again live for purchase, we’ll be taking down this website and selling using our Facebook page and Amazon!

Amazon link coming soon :)

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Thank You for donating to our Generosity campaign & first 50 games!

Team MMY is incredibly grateful to everyone who donated or purchased one of the 50 first games. MMY is now being played across the US, in South Africa, and in Hong Kong thanks to your support. 

Special thanks to the friends of MMY for your guidance through our game-making process! 

Dr. Paul Shattuck

Brian Cordero (Project SEARCH)

Jennifer Zevelos (Project SEARCH)

Dave Jaffe

Indiegogo Supporters

Stanford Design Department

Stanford Product Design Teaching Team

Shilpa Sarkar (Designer + Mentor)

Our Classmates, Friends, and Family


Project SEARCH

Foothill College

Shire House

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Artistry Studios

Abilities United

Ada’s Cafe

Dr. Aaron Nayfack

Dr. Sophia Colamarino

Dr. Deb Karhson