Why autism?

When we started this project, the three of us wanted to focus on an often overlooked population in the design world, and thoughtfully decided to study the needs of adults with autism. We noticed this population had very few tools available upon leaving the structure of the schooling system. Our team further validated the need for resources among individuals with autism (18+) in our interviews during the research stage of the project.

Each year, 50,000 individuals with autism transition to adulthood and lose access to the resources once available to them as students and kids. While we've seen many solutions designed for youth with autism, there is a severe resource cliff for adults with autism. MMY hopes to reach this population and start filling the gap!   

People are so busy trying to fix them, they forget they need real experiences.
— Janet Lawson, mother of 21 year old with autism and cofounder of Autistry


MMY is centered around the four types of cards: Solo, Partner, Team, and Challenge. These cards lay the foundation for the conversation, activities, and fun to ensue. Check out our video here to see the game in action. 

Who can play

We originally designed the game for adults with autism (18+) due to the decline in products for this demographic and the overwhelming transition period for these individuals when leaving high school. The game premise is tailored to the need for peer to peer connection and the aesthetics are thoughtfully designed according to sensory sensitivities. 

That being said, the game is appropriate for all individuals 12+ and has also been thoroughly enjoyed by our 40+ game testers -  both neurotypical and autistic!